Headshot, Event, & Portrait Samples

A good headshot presents the real you - as simply and clearly as possible. Theatrical headshots let casting agents see instantly whether you are the right type for a role they hope to fill. These call for a serious - but not melodramatic - expression.

Commercial headshots, on the other hand, usually include your most pleasant smile, and answer the quintessential question on the casting agent's mind: "Can this person sell floor wax?"

Corporate headshots can be of either type, depending on the image you wish to project. Lately I’ve been shooting a lot of donor events for foundations and non-profits; I cannot share samples because of privacy issues, but I think my decade of experience in the philanthropic sector gives me some useful insight about comportment at such events.

ZSC 0895 (1)
DSC_0906 (2)
DSC 4474
DSC 0169 (2)
DSC 3156 - Version 2
Trombone Shorty-4674
DSC 3440 (1)
DSC 1206
DSC 5381 (1)
DSC 0893
Trombone Shorty-4597
DSC 8421
DSC 0844 (1)
DSC 6585
Trombone Shorty-7425
DSC 0578
DSC 7934
DSC 8462
DSC 8533
DSC 8398
Trombone Shorty-7332
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