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Artist’s Statement(s)

Like many in my generation, I took up photography as an adolescent in the 1970s, convinced it was a shortcut to the company of naked women. Let us not dwell on this.

Over time I was drawn to wildlife photography, partly because of the beauty, partly because of the interesting camera technology, and partly because wildlife photography requires extended periods of doing nothing, a skill I mastered during 30 years in corporate marketing positions.

Here is my philosophy of wildlife photography: When I photograph a heron, I don’t want to make a picture of A heron, but a picture of THIS heron; the one with whom I’ve been chatting – the one that has graciously allowed me to make a photograph.

Those who encounter me in the field may be amused or concerned by my more-or-less constant muttering, but there are many creatures and plants and stones to thank.

Interested in procuring a framed print of one of these images? Contact me via email. Thanks.

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